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Who is this course for? >>> This course is perfect for the beginner press on nail artist with little or no knowledge of making gel press on nails. OR an experienced nail technician that is just starting to work with Gel Nail Tips for press on nails.

  • You want to learn how to perform a flawless self manicure. The perfect starting point for any nail enhancement.

  • You want to learn to fit, paint, and decorate your own Gel Press on Nails

  • You want to learn THE BEST tips and tricks for perfect application and removal of press on nails.

  • 30-DAY ACCESS to complete your certification

  • Pre-recorded Online Access to study at your own pace

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Course curriculum

  1. Introduction

  2. Module 1: Theory and Safety

  3. Module 2: Natural Nail Manicures

  4. Module 3: Making Press on Nails

  5. Module 4: Application and Removal

  6. Bonus: Nail Art Lessons

Your Key to Press on Nail Success! - $79.99 USD

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